Interested in a smart, sustainable and bespoke lifestyle?

5 acres, just 5 minutes to the CBD of Australia’s highest city; Armidale.

Paragon’s first community, Lingerwood, offers a smarter way to live. A modern lifestyle rethinking energy and water ownership that empowers the community and the individual. Lingerwood is NBN connected, enabling a new level of home automation that will enhance your lifestyle; not complicate it. Designer homes built for energy efficiency, entertainment, security and connectivity. It’s the lifestyle you’ve always aspired to.

Community-based power generation and storage is an innovation that will revolutionise modern living. Paragon is making that happen now. Reduce your carbon footprint and sell excess solar energy collectively into the grid at a higher price. Paragon supports home designs with information on best practice for water and energy efficiency and smart home innovation.

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Imagine owning the energy company

Lingerwood sets the standard for community-based power generation, storage and energy sharing. It’s sustainable, ethical, cost-effective and property owners get to make the decisions. Energy from solar systems located at each property in the community is shared using an embedded community network and metered community energy scheme. Excess renewable energy is sold back to the grid for profit.

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The opportunity to build your architecturally-designed smart home on acreage, so close to the city is unique. Imagine a home that you create, not one that you adapt to. Care about control, sustainability, livability and design excellence? Lingerwood is the lifestyle you’ve aspired to. Set on 55 acres, this 10-household community offers space with the best of a city and rural lifestyle. Accessed via Translator Road, land is now selling for Lingerwood.

Paragon has developed an innovative energy supply architecture. The Lingerwood community will be largely autonomous for electrical energy, empowered by utilising solar PV and battery energy storage, while retaining a traditional grid supply for periods of inclement weather.