Prestige property for people who care about sustainability and want to be able to control their own solar power and water.

Paragon Property Partners have developed an innovative energy supply architecture. Households will be largely autonomous for electrical energy, empowered by utilising solar PV and energy storage, while retaining a traditional grid supply for periods of inclement weather. The solar community will also be able to share excess energy between households, and earn credits for clean energy exported to the grid.

Creating a Community Network

The community has a 100kW transformer installed on site, connected to the Essential Energy High Voltage distribution network, supplying a central Main Switchboard and ‘Gateway’ smart-metering point. Each household will be supplied via Low Voltage underground sub-mains to supply pillars, located on community land adjacent to each house lot. An Embedded Network is created behind the Gateway meter, enabling local energy flows between households.

The Lingerwood Community entity will contract with a solar-friendly Electricity Retailer in the National Electricity Market (NEM) to supply the Gateway with energy as needed, and to purchase exported clean energy for the financial benefit of the community.

Paragon will supply and install a 9.6 kW Solar PV and inverter system at each of the 10 houses, and a 150 kWh  Central Battery. The aim is for the community to be largely autonomous in normal weather conditions and able to stand alone during short-term (eg overnight) grid outages.  The community will still be able to draw from the national grid for energy in periods of inclement weather.

The distributed Solar PV Systems and Central Energy Storage System will be designed and programmed to suit community needs, utilising tier 1 products. Our community system will have the capacity to deliver back-up supply to essential circuits in the event of a wider grid outage or ‘blackout’.

Embedded Network Service Provider

The Lingerwood Community entity will operate as the Exempt Embedded Network Service Provider under a network exemption. In this role, the Lingerwood Community entity will manage the community energy scheme for the benefit of community residents.  It will contract with a solar-friendly authorised Electricity Retailer to supply energy to the Gateway meter, and purchase solar energy and ancillary battery capability exported to the wholesale market. The community energy scheme is designed so that residents will never receive an electricity bill.

Community Energy

The establishment of a community energy solution will allow the Lingerwood Community to directly benefit from the value of community generation (including battery storage output) which is exported to the wholesale market.  

Managing consumption patterns and effectively utilising battery storage output at optimal times will deliver the best value from the community generation and battery storage systems.  The ultimate goal is to use the sustainable community energy model to deliver the lowest possible cost energy solution to the community.